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ACSC 6.0 and AWC 17.4 Edition are now in the database!

Welcome to You'll find lesson summaries ("dirty purples") for the US Air Force's Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), Air War College (AWC) and Senior Leader Course (SLC) on this website.

Professional Military Education (PME) is required for promotion to higher grades in the armed services. In the past, seminar groups would meet to distribute "dirty purples" each week. The term "dirty purples" no doubt orginates from the old mimeograph machines some of us saw as children in school. These "Dirty Purples" are lesson summaries similar to "Cliff Notes". This website was created to provide a structured location for PME students to meet and share files in a similar manner as in-person seminar groups.

Allpme does not condone breaking Air University rules! Period.
My integrity is on the line just as much as yours is. We support the academic integrity from Air University. You need to read the materials for your course. Dirty Purples are great for review and getting a quick overview of the materials. However, dirty purples alone are not enough to pass. Use dirty purples to assist your studies of your course material, not a substitute for them. It's similar to a class on a classic work and you take the test after only reading a summary you read on WikiPedia. Would you expect to pass?

Allpme started in Aug 2000 for ACSC. After 18 months of barely operating from donations, the number of users grew to the point of having to make a decision to keep supporting it or abandon the website. The next 36 months we had a subscription model that was not mandatory and CD sales. The site kept growing but less than 10% of the users financially supported the site. In the summer of 2004, we started the current subscription model. The first 10% of the course is free, the rest require a subscription to download. Since we live in Germany and can't use our APO for commercial purposes, we stopped selling CD's as it was too difficult with $5 shipping, buying the shipping materials, customs forms, the delays in mailing due to the distance, etc.

Allpme's purpose is to facilitate the sharing of course study materials and ideas, similar to what is done in person. The benefits are extensive to having everyone going to the same place. For example:

  • TDY, PCS doesn't interrupt PME studies
  • People have equal access to course study aides. In the past, being stationed at a large base was a huge advantage. Allpme levels the playing field
  • Guard, Reserve and people stationed at small/remote locations often don't have access to local study groups.
  • All study aides can be reviewd by the student communicty, Allpme staff and Air University. Keeping study aides at the local level encourages those inclined to bend the rules to do so as there's no supervision of the study materials they are using.

We understand that some people have financial strains and have always encouraged people to participate with either a subscription or a file upload. The file upload adds a 30 day subscription to your account (cumulative). The cost of subscribing is less than it costs for a babysitter. Contrast that to enlisted PME study materials at $75 every two years with no way to get a free copy. We've had a few people suggest we charge more for a subscription but that's not our intention. We've always kept online to provide a place for people to help each other, within the Air University approved guidelines. We are committed to maintaining long term. We're just asking to spread the burden of maintaining and growing it to everyone who uses it.

How it works
To access the site at all, you must first create an account and verify your email address. This is the free access level. Free access lets you download files for the first several of each course's lessons. If you'd like to access the website beyond those lessons, you must subscribe or upload a file. In all cases, you may only download each file 2 times. If you need more than that, there is a form to request additional downloads. We are very liberal about letting you download more often than those two times. We had to do that to prevent abuse of sharing subscription logins.

We have various subscription discounts for longer term commitments (as my transaction costs are lower).

If you don't want to subscribe
You can have full access the site without a subscription if you upload a file approved by me. We review all file submissions before releasing them for download. We're mainly filtering out Family Reunion sheets, Secure area entry procedures..etc. Anything not PME related is rejected. We do not review content for where it's supposed to be or whats' in the file. We're not enrolled in any PME and have no access to any PME course materials. We expect you will follow academic integrity and not upload any actual test questions. We will give anyone who uploads a file a 30 day subscription, or an additional 30 day subscription to any existing subscriptions. This is a way to participate in a non-financial way.

In the end, is a resource for you. We're trying make it affordable and fair to you, and worth our time to maintain it long term. With these changes, we think the site will continue to improve and be here for many many years.
Kind regards,
Tom Nunamaker
Allpme Administrator

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