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Adding ACSC 6.0 and AWC 17.4 Edition - Nov 13, 2012
I'm a bit late adding the new courses, sorry about that. I copied ACSC 5.2 lessons to 6.0. Please let me know if they are correct or not.

Air War College - Jun 20, 2012
I saw in my emails that AWC has updated their course material. I added AWC 2012 to the courses.. please let me know if that's incorrect. I added generic placeholders for each lesson in each section of the course. Could someone please email me a list of the lesson IDs and lesson titles to

New Support System - Jun 20, 2012
I installed a new support system that works with [email protected] I've been swamped in the past but this new system comes to my inbox and I can handle your issues immediately when I see them versus having to login to another web site. I added the live chat today as well so it's much easier to get in touch with me now.

Installed Live Chat - Jun 20, 2012
I added a live chat feature to help assist you in real time. I live in Europe but I keep strange hours so there's a good chance i'll be online when you need help.

New IP address - May 15, 2010
I've updated the hardware firewall for and needed to change IP address. If you need to connect to by IP address, you can do so at NOTE: If you connect via IP address, the SSL certifcate will not match the address so your browser will show an error. This is ok as the certificate is valid for and is ONLY used by so it IS a secure connection if you have despite any warnings from your web browser.

Email being rejected by some USAF mail server - Apr 29, 2010

I noticed this error message in my server log:

Message delivery to the host '' failed while delivering to the remote domain '' for the following reason: An SMTP protocol error occurred. The SMTP verb which caused the error is 'MAIL'. The response from the remote server is '451 4.1.8 Domain of sender address [email protected] does not resolve'.

This indicates the receiving email server at doesn't think resolves to an IP address. This could be that some DNS servers are blocking

If you want to email files to yourself, please use a non-military email address to ensure delivery.

New server is fully setup (I think) - Apr 4, 2010
I had forgotten to add the SMTP server and links to the forums. Those have been restored. The server seems to be running ok now. If you find any problems, please let me know. Thanks.

moving to a new server - Apr 3, 2010
I'm moving allpme to a new server today. Hopefully the DNS will push itself to the internet quickly. If you have any problems, please let me know as it could be related to this move. Thanks

Fixed AWC 17th Edition Practice Test Display bug - Mar 30, 2010
The AWC 17th Edition Practice Tests had a display bug that was grouping the miscellaneous files with the practice tests. This has been fixed. I added some missing electives to the AWC elective list.

New Support System is ready! - Mar 21, 2010
We have deployed a new support system. The emails were out of control and too much to keep up with. This new system is ticket based. I'm getting some help from my daughter-in-law to keep the tickets updated. We will be building a knowledge base from these tickets too! You can send an email to [email protected] to generate a ticket OR use the online ticket creation link

We're moving to Paris! - Feb 7, 2010
My wife was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu culinary art school in Paris for Jan 2011. She's writing about it at Should be exciting living in Paris for two years!

French Officer's Quarters in Paris - Oct 26, 2009
We stayed at the French Officr's Quarters in Paris for four nights last week. The hotel was 121 Euro/night. No internet in the rooms but they had a business center downstairs. Dining facilities were good but we ate our meals in bistro's etc in the city. The location is within walking distance of the Louvre for a fraction of the cost of nearby hotels. All they check is that you are a military officer...doesn't matter if you're active duty or retired! (remember that after you retire). Excellent value and location. Highly recommended

Traveling this week - Oct 11, 2009
I'll be in Paris for a few days this week. I'm hoping to have an internet connection but if you uploaded file or file counter requests are delayed, you know I had trouble getting a connection. :)

Moving to new server - May 18, 2009
I'm upgrading my server to a new windows server 2008 server. I think I've migrated everything over but if there are any errors, please let me know so I can debug them. The new server has IIS7 web server which handles SSL requests 20% faster so you should see slightly improved performance.

Live Chat temporarily offline - moving to a new server - Apr 29, 2009
I tried upgrading the live chat software but ran into a technical problem. The new version doesn't work with my database's too old. I'm upgrading the server to Windows Server 2008 which will take a few days to provision and actually move everything over. Bottom line is I'll have the live chat back on asap.

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